Friday, 22 July 2011


Ni... dapat email semalam dari Coca Cola Singapore

Lawak betul, aku ni bukanlah botologi atau pun pengumpul Coke tegar, tetapi dengan sedikit koleksi aku yang pernah dikutuk orang berjaya juga diiktiraf oleh Coca Cola Singpapore. 
Benar juga kata kawan lama aku , "nak collect apa benda pun pastikan yang berkualiti dan bukannya dengan kuantiti " 

Coca-Cola Singapore wants to meet you!

Hi Firdous!

Thank you for submitting your entry in our search for the biggest Coca-Cola collector in Singapore!

We are thrilled to have received numerous entries, and are therefore thinking of throwing a little Coca-Cola party in appreciation of all you collectors.

At this Coca-Cola party, we will be announcing the top 10 collectors and the grand winner, as well as present a Coca-Cola token of appreciation to all who submitted their entries, which includes you! We are also looking at organizing a Coca-Cola trading session, where all the Coca-Cola collectors can bring a few items to display and/or trade.

We are currently looking at these 2 dates:

26th August, Friday Night, 7pm to 9pm
27th August, Saturday Morning, 9am to 11am

Please revert with your preferred date. If you can make it on both days, please do indicate that too. We look forward to seeing you!

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